Payroll Outsourcing

Why payroll outsourcing is popular for recruitment agencies

Running a recruitment agency is a specialised and highly skilled line of business. You may be involved in recruitment for several speciality markets, be it finance, technical, IT, industrial, healthcare or any other, and you need to know each of those markets inside out in order to ensure the success of your business and that of your contractors. How do you identify good candidates? Are there specific regulations relating to any of the areas in which you operate? Knowing the answers to these and many other questions is your bread and butter. In this competitive arena, it takes all your knowledge and commitment just to win and retain clients, and that’s why many recruitment agencies choose to concentrate solely on this, and leave other support functions to companies who are experts in their particular field. Payroll outsourcing is a prime example of this, and if you are considering delegating this key function, then you will want to find out how Futurelink Group can help recruitment agencies.

Over the last decade or so, many companies have discovered the benefits of outsourcing all sorts of different business functions: IT support, finance, order fulfilment, facilities management and many more. They do this because it frees them to concentrate on their core business – after all, that’s what they do best. What’s more, outsourcing your payroll has a range of cost benefits. There are savings to be made on salary and training bills, expensive payroll software and its associated maintenance and licensing costs, not to mention the hefty penalties you could face if you commit a legislative faux pas. All of this makes outsourcing the smart choice, and that’s why so many recruitment agencies are doing it. Here at Futurelink Group, payroll outsourcing is one of the things we do best, so put us to the test and discover what we can do for you.

Naturally, if you are considering outsourcing your payroll, you will want to know that you are placing it in the safest of hands. This is a sensitive area and mistakes are simply not an option. At Futurelink Group, we offer one of the most comprehensive payroll outsourcing services you will find anywhere, and we are proud to have been recognised with ISO:9001 status, so you know that our compliance and auditing processes are second to none. We will ensure that your clients are paid accurately and promptly, and with daily payroll processing Monday to Friday we can deliver to any schedule you require, and all at no cost to you.

Futurelink Group provides Umbrella PAYESole TraderCIS and Limited Company solutions, and unlike other companies, we give your clients complete flexibility to move between them as their needs change and evolve.

You can find out more about payroll outsourcing and the many other benefits we offer for you and your clients by calling one of our expert team on +44 (0)1923 277 900 or by visiting our website.

“I’ll most certainly pass on your details to people I know. You run a great service there, keep up the good work.”

William Cadden, Self-Employed Contractor

“For me, Futurelink Group was the best solution, as a foreign and a lack of knowledge of the UK rules, they were extremely helpful in all aspects. Always fast in answering all my questions. I almost didn’t do anything and they put me on track to invoice and receive my payments. I can fully recommend them.”

Ronaldo, Umbrella PAYE contractor

“WS Contractors Ltd are extremely happy with the services that Futurelink provide. The efficient and friendly staff are always willing to help and assist. The feedback from our operatives is positive and pleasing. We would recommend Futurelink to all new recruits joining our team.”

Michelle Hughes, WS Contractors Ltd

“We at Gemini would like to thank you and your team for all your help and support in connection to payroll solutions. We find Futurelink Groups approach to be responsive to action when required with a courteous and bright manner – keep up the good work!”

Frank Mcfarlane, Gemini Security Services Ltd

We have strict compliance procedures in place, we are ISO:9001 accredited and we also carry out regular independent audits of our processes so you can be sure you are in safe hands. Companies within our group have been accredited with the following:

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