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Construction Industry Scheme Payroll

Managing Worker's Self-Employed Status, While Removing Tax and NI Liabilities from the Company

Self-Employed and Employed CIS Payroll Solutions

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out HMRC’s rules regarding how payments are handled to contractors and subcontractors within the construction industry. A UTR (unique tax reference) number (formerly known as the CIS card) is issued by HMRC upon registering for CIS status.

Team Construction Limited, part of the Futurelink Group, are registered with HMRC with Gross Status under the CIS. We operate two CIS payroll solutions for workers that fall under the scheme. Our standard CIS solution enables self-employed workers to be paid with the correct CIS deduction, using their UTR number. For those that do not have a self-employed status with HMRC and fall under Supervision, Direction or Control, we can offer our CIS Umbrella solution with employed status.

By contracting with us you are appointing us to engage Subcontractors on your behalf, eliminating the risk of liability for NI, Holiday pay, SSP, SMP, SPP and any potential or associated fines for underpayments. Our subcontractor agreement includes indemnification for Subcontractors that are paid via us. All statutory reporting requirements are undertaken by us.

As part of our service, all workers are covered for Employer's and Public Liability Insurance.

CIS Payroll

Our CIS solution is right for you if you are a self-employed contractor or subcontractor under HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme.

By joining us, we will take care of your invoicing, receive payments from your agency or company on your behalf, process your payments and deduct CIS tax.​​

Each week you work, all you need to do is send us your timesheet (unless your client does this for you), and we will:

1. Raise an invoice to your agency/clientPay by Faster Payment the same day we receive funds to our account

2. Send a text message confirming payment is on the way, and provide a clear remittance advice (by email, post or on our online portal)

3. We can help self-employed workers complete their self-assessment tax return, and we will:

- Complete the tax return and all other necessary schedules, claiming tax relief where possible

- Send a full copy and explanatory notes to the worker for approval

- File the return online to HMRC

- Advise of any tax due and how to pay it, or claim any refunds due

- Be available to answer tax queries

CIS Umbrella Payroll

​This solution is ideal for workers in the construction industry that are new to contracting or do not have a self-employed status with HMRC.

Benefits to Companies:

- Futurelink takes care of all the employment matters including Employer’s Liability insurance

- No auto enrolment concerns as Futurelink takes care of this

- No holiday pay required - Futurelink pays this

- No statutory payments required as these are covered by Futurelink as the Umbrella​

Benefits to Contract Workers:

- Employed status with a CIS registered company

- Compliance with contractor legislation - You can relax in the knowledge your taxes are taken care of

- No requirement to file a Self-Assessment Tax Return as all payments are subject to PAYE

- Overarching Contract of Employment allows you to undertake multiple assignments with various hirers and agencies, all through one employment contract

- Access to holiday pay and statutory pay, for example SSP, SMP, redundancy, etc.

- Access to a workplace pension scheme (auto enrolment)


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