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Umbrella PAYE Solutions

Includes Personal Accident, Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurances

Industry Leading Umbrella PAYE Solutions

Company Benefits

- Futurelink Group takes care of all the employment matters including Employer’s Liability insurance

- No auto enrolment concerns as Futurelink Group manages this

- Futurelink Group pays Holiday Pay to the worker

- All statutory payments such as SSP, SMP, redundancy pay, are covered by Futurelink Group as the Employer

- Compliant with GDPR, IR35, AWR, Onshore and Offshore Employment Intermediaries, and Travel and Subsistence Legislation

Contractor Benefits

- As a Contract Worker, you can relax in the knowledge your taxes are taken care of, in mind of all legislation

- No requirement to file a Self-Assessment Tax Return as all payments are subject to PAYE

- Overarching Contract of Employment allows you to undertake multiple assignments with various hirers and agencies, all through one employment contract

- Access to holiday pay and statutory pay, for example SSP, SMP, redundancy, etc.

- Access to a workplace pension scheme (auto enrolment)

- From your earnings we will retain a margin, calculate any employment related costs (e.g. Employers NIC) and then calculate the Gross Salary payable to you


- Fully compliant with AWR legislation, Futurelink are able to offer our clients/agencies both Pay Comparator (Regulation 5) and Swedish Derogation Models (Regulation 10).

- Onshore Employment Intermediaries; tackles the avoidance of tax and NIC’s that results from false self-employment; the scenario where an individual is registered as self-employed and paying tax and NIC’s on a self-employed basis, but their actual working practices indicate that they aren’t genuinely self-employed because they are under (or subjected to the right of) supervision, direction and control.​

- Compliant with GDPR

- Compliant with IR35 legislation as amended by Finance Bill 2017

- From the 6th of April 2016 Tax Relief can no longer be applied to Travel and Subsistence expenses. However all other expenses wholly, exclusively and necessary in the performance of one’s duties are still allowable and can reduce taxable pay.

- National Minimum Wage (NMW) or National Living Wage (NLW) will be preserved regardless of either holiday pay, expenses or national insurance unlike other models where low paid workers are penalised.


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